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"History is bunk," said Henry Ford, and to a certain extent he was right. When it comes to banking, the past isn't nearly as important to you as the things your financial institution is doing today and what it will be doing in the future to serve you. Still, there are some intangible benefits that can come from peeking into the past.

When you bank with us, it’s a benefit that can best be described as knowing that the cumulative savvy derived from well over a century of service to our area is at your disposal.  It’s also knowing that your bank has a long, steady record of innovation and leadership --- one you can rely on to continue in the years to come.  For the purpose of substantiating these statements, and to satisfy the curiosity of the history buffs among us, here's a brief profile of our past.

1910-Bank-BuildingThe origins of Central State Bank date to the mid-nineteenth century, a time when "private banks" -- those not open to the general public -- were the norm. The private banking house of Isett and Brewster of Muscatine was one of the earliest of this type in Iowa and operated successfully for a number of years. On May 1, 1865, it was converted to a state-chartered institution, Merchants Exchange Bank, which was opened to the general public. Later that year, conversion to a national charter brought a change in name to Merchants National Exchange Bank.In the early years, it was not unusual for banks to operate under two charters, one national and one state, with both institutions located in the same building and owned by the same stockholders. Nationally chartered banks traditionally catered to the needs of businesses and they could issue their own bank notes, which served as currency in the absence of today's Federal Reserve Notes. By contrast, state-chartered institutions emphasized serving individuals and families by accepting savings deposits and making loans for personal and home financing. In 1880, state-chartered Muscatine Savings Bank was organized for the purpose of serving the community in tandem with Merchants Exchange National Bank.During the intervening years, this dual-bank organization continued to grow. There were a couple of name changes along the way: in 1886, Merchants National became the First National Bank of Muscatine (no relationship to the present-day entity of the same name), and in 1907, Muscatine Savings Bank changed its name to the First Trust and Savings Bank of Muscatine. The year 1933 brought a combining of banking interests into a single operating unit, a new state charter, and a change in name to Central State Bank, which is still in use today.
1957-Walk-Up  In 1957, Central State was one of the first banks in Iowa to have a sidewalk teller with extended hours for customer convenience. We were the first bank in Muscatine to offer drive-in banking, and the first to serve Muscatine's East Hill area with a full-service banking facility when we opened our Park Avenue Banking Center in 1971. In 1977, we followed up by being the first to offer full-service banking to the community's south side with the establishment of our Grandview Avenue Banking Center.


We launched the area's first bank affinity group in 1988, the Ambassador Club, and it continues to offer a wide variety of activities, trips and events for the 1,500+ folks age 50 and better which constitute its membership. More recently, we were the first to offer supermarket banking convenience in Muscatine with the opening of our Econofoods office in 1990, a service which we migrated in 2001 to our Super Bank in Muscatine’s Hy-Vee supermarket.  Today, we’re the only financial institution in Muscatine that offers in-store banking. Setting the trend as a leader in technology, we were among the first in the area to offer ATM cards, and later debit cards.

1990s-New-Main-BankBy the mid-1990s, continued growth brought about the need for a new and larger headquarters. Constructed on the site of our 1910 building, it's one of the region's premier community banking facilities and a physical reinforcement of our commitment to the future of the Muscatine area in general, and the community's downtown business district in particular.


Wilton-Subway-In-BankAs our customer base continued to grow beyond our traditional market footprint, we opened our Wilton Banking Center in 2006.  Two years later, we replaced our temporary facility with a modern, new full-service banking building --- one with the unique approach of combining a nationally-franchised eatery (Subway) with a bank under the same roof.

Over the years, as technology advanced, we've taken advantage of the opportunities it presented to enhance and streamline customer service. Results have included an in-house data processing center, ATMs, 24 hour telephone banking and loan application lines, internet banking, online bill paying, and mobile banking.  As we move forward into the future, you can count on us to continue delivering the best in banking service, using a combination of both traditional branch delivery systems as well as emerging technology, in order to provide you with a truly one-of-a-kind banking experience.