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Business Banking: Additional Services

We offer a wide variety of special services to meet the special banking needs of businesses. The most popular ones are listed below in alphabetical order. For more information, click on the “Get Started Now” box to the left.

Durable vinyl, zippered bank deposit bags are available for our business customers at all of our locations. The cost is only $3 per bag; payment can be made directly or automatically deducted from your account.
Coin and currency services are available at any banking center. For unusual orders or special requests, it's always best to contact us in advance. This will enable us to have your order ready for you to pick up at your convenience. Rolled Coin Fee is 8 cents per roll for customers, and 50 cents per roll for non-customers. Currency Fee is free for customers and $1 per strap for non-customers.
In some circumstances, vendors and suppliers insist on payment in the form of a Cashier's Check. It's simply a check that's issued by Central State Bank, drawn on our own account, and payable to any third party you choose. Available at any of our banking centers, Cashier's Checks must be paid for in cash or via valid collected funds transferred from one of your accounts with us. The fee is $5 per check.
We're proud to offer the services of Deluxe® Check Printers to our clients. You can choose from a wide variety of business check designs, styles and colors. The cost varies depending on the type and quantity you select, and for the sake of convenience, it's automatically deducted from your organization's checking balance. Stop by any banking location to review the complete selection and to place an order.
Our merchant processing program enables your firm to accept VISA and MasterCard for payment from your customers. Program features and benefits include the following:

  • Increased sales (and profits) by enabling you to accept an alternative method of payment beyond cash and checks
  • Reduced risk of loss and charge-backs when compared to checks and paper-driven systems
  • Choice of fully-automated electronic point-of-sale (POS) terminals or ARU Phone-In Authorization for card acceptance and processing
  • Enhanced funds availability
  • Friendly, local, hometown serviceSystem costs are based on the type of equipment selected, the number of units installed, average ticket size and annual sales volume. For further information, contact one of our Commercial Banking officers.
Collection services are available for selected types of items, including:

  • Canadian Checks: $25 each
  • Personal, Business and Interbank Items: $25 each
  • Garnishments and Levies: $50 each

For further information, contact the Main Bank at (563) 263-3131 and ask for our Deposit Services Department.

We can provide direct deposit services for incoming items to your organization's account, as well as support for outgoing direct deposits such as payroll. Contact our Main Bank at (563) 263-3131 and ask our Account Services Department for further information.
Inkless check endorsement stamps, as well as a wide variety of other checking accessories, can be ordered for your organization at any of our banking centers. Turnaround time for processing your order is usually a week to ten days, and the cost is conveniently deducted from your account.
The ability to make after-hours and weekend deposits is an important consideration for many retail businesses. More than a simple night deposit slot, our commercial night depository services include keyed access, special locking bags, and well-lit service areas for the protection of you, your employees and your funds. Night Depository contracts are written on an annual basis; the following fees apply.

  • Access Fee (Includes 2 Keys): $30 per year
  • Additional Keys Beyond 2: $10 each
  • Key Replacement Fee / Lost Keys: $10
  • Zip-Style Night Deposit Box (Non-Lockable): $3 each
  • Locking-Style Night Deposit Bag: $15 each
Organizations and businesses are often faced with the need for notarized signatures on important documents. One or more employees with Notary Public powers are usually on hand at each of our banking locations. Notary services are provided free of charge to our customers.
Protect your organization's important documents and other valuable items by storing them in a safe deposit box. Leases are available on an annual basis. The cost varies based on the size of box, and ranges from less than $10 for a small box to $100 per year for the largest sizes. Fees can be billed directly or for your convenience, automatically deducted from your organization's account. Safe deposit boxes are offered at all of our banking locations, and are subject to availability.
As a member of the Federal Reserve System, we're able to handle wire transfers on your behalf through the safe, secure FedWire system. It's a great way to transfer funds across the country or around the world on very short notice. Fees are based on the type of transfer and banking relationship:

  • Incoming Transfers (Customers and Non-Customers): $10 each
  • Outgoing Transfers (Customers): $20 each
  • Outgoing Transfers (Non-Customers): $35 each
  • Foreign Transfers (Customers and Non-Customers) : $50 each
    Some restrictions apply. For further information or to place an order, contact any of our banking centers or the Wire Transfer Department at our Main Bank at (563) 263-3131.