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Business Online Banking

Business Online Banking enables you to handle a wide variety of business banking transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from virtually any computer connected to the Internet. We offer two levels of service:  Standard, suitable for sole proprietorships and many smaller enterprises, and Commercial Cash Management (CCM), a powerful suite of e-banking services for mid-sized and large firms.  Highlights are provided below.  For more information or to get started now, click on the box to the left to get in touch with Geri Hutchings, our Cash Management Specialist.

Standard Business Online Banking

Sometimes referred to as “Business Lite” Online Banking, this is essentially our Personal Online Banking service except that it’s tied to a business rather than a personal checking account.  Appropriate for nonprofit organizations, sole proprietorships and most smaller enterprises, it’s provided FREE of charge.  It’s also included as part of our Business Advantage and Ag Advantage checking packages.  Standard Business Online Banking enables you to:

  • View accounts and account balances
  • View account history
  • View and print statements and cancelled checks
  • Take advantage of FREE optional e-statements
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make payments to loans at Central State Bank
  • Enter stop payment orders for checks and handle other special transactions
  • Export history to external programs like Quicken®

Online Bill Pay is a convenient, FREE option that can be added to Standard Business Online Banking at any time.  It enables you to make payments directly from your organization’s account, to virtually any person, place or business with a mailing address, without the hassle of writing checks.  You can:   

  • Make immediate payments
  • Schedule future/advance payments
  • Make recurring payments (same amount each time period)
  • Make variable payments (different amount and/or date each month)
  • Add, delete or change payee information anytime

All transactions are automatically included on your monthly checking statements.

Commercial Cash Management (CCM)

A powerful e-banking product, this commercial checking option is actually a combined suite of three services: Online Banking, Online Bill Pay, and Cash Management. Working together in harmony, they enable you to work quicker and smarter in managing the finances of your organization on a real-time basis.

The Online Banking module provides you with the ability to check balances, transfer funds, make internal loan payments and handle a wide variety of other banking functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week --- essentially all of the functions of Standard Online Business  Banking (expand the slider bar above for details).  In addition, access to a number of additional features is provided, including:

  • ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment and receipt services
  • Wire transfer requests
  • EFT Federal Tax Payment functions
  • Origin of direct deposits for your payroll
  • Multiple levels of account viewing, account access, service access, and control

 All transactions are conveniently listed by date and amount on your organization's periodic checking statements.

Online Bill Pay enables you to make payments directly from checking to any third party with a mailing address. It includes the ability to make recurring payments (items for the same amount, to the same payee, on the same periodic date) and variable payments (one-shot items and those for varying amounts), and to schedule transactions for immediate processing or for posting on a specific future date. Like Internet Banking, system access is available on a 24/7 basis, and all payments are listed by date, payee and amount on your periodic checking statements.

Cash Management enables you to get the most accurate picture of your organization's cash position possible, whenever you need it. It also provides you with the ability to transmit requests directly to us via your PC, to make tax payments, issue wire transfer and stop payment instructions, place currency orders and more.

Access to commercial e-banking is safe and secure --- special security measures include multiple firewalls, secure-socket layers and password protected safety. If you choose, we can custom configure your system to include dual-control passwords. If you have multiple account relationships, we can also provide multi-level access restrictions which limit viewing and transaction capabilities on designated accounts only to certain authorized individuals.
The cost, which varies based on business size and volume, can be conveniently included as an element in your monthly account analysis service charge calculation. For details or a free quote, get started now by clicking on the photo to the left.