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Business Savings

At times, your organization may have excess cash on hand -- perhaps for a week, a month, a year or even longer.
We can provide you with a variety of FDIC-insursed savings plans that will put your money to work earning interest.

 Business SavingsAdvantage SavingsMoney MarketPlatinum Money MarketCertificates of Deposit
AvailabilityAll Business and OrganizationsOnly to customers with Business Advantage or Ag Advantage CheckingAll Business and OrganizationsAll Business and OrganizationsAll Businesses
Minimum Opening Deposit$100$50$1500$25,000$500
Minimum Balance$200$200$1500 Daily Minimum BalanceNone (on days when balance falls below $25,000 no interest earned)$500
WithdrawalsLimited to 3 per month without fee*Limited to 3 per month without fee*
writing option **
Unlimited in-bank access plus check writing optionUnlimited in-bank access plus check writing optionPermitted only when CD matures***
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*Additional withdrawals are $1.25 each.  Fee is waived if a minimum balance of $1,000 is maintained during the statement month.
**No more than SIX preauthonzed withdrawals, automatic or telephone transfers, checks, drafts, debit card or similar transactions are permitted per month.
***Withdrawals made during the CD term are subject to an early withdrawal penalty.