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Business Loans

Credit is the lifeblood of any organization --- the oil that keeps the wheels of commerce, industry and the community operating smoothly. At Central State Bank, we're equipped to handle the financing needs of your enterprise with a wide variety of lending and credit products. Whether you're a small business owner looking for financing to expand or grow, or a seasoned professional looking for a multi-faceted credit facility, let us know.  To get started, click on one of our commercial banker's contact boxes to the left.  If it has to do with business in the greater Muscatine area, you've come to the right bank! 

Upon approval, a commercial line of credit provides your business with a pre-established funding amount that can be drawn upon for a wide variety of purposes whenever the need should arise. Key features and benefits include:

  • Open to all types of commercial borrowers
  • Simple one-time application and approval process
  • Variety of terms and conditions available based on collateral and business
  • Flexible and convenient --- ready whenever needed for a variety of purposes
  • Low cost; interest is charged only on actual amount of funds advanced against line
  • Easily renewed upon maturity
A standby letter of credit puts the strength of the bank behind you when doing business with a third party. Customarily requested by vendors and suppliers, it essentially guarantees to these parties that payment will be made. Features and benefits include:

  • Easy, streamlined application process
  • Flexible terms custom-structured to meet the needs of your organization and the specifications of any of your suppliers
  • Elimination of extra costs of financing trade purchases through vendors
  • Enhancement of your negotiating position with suppliers since payment is guaranteed
  • Low-cost issuance fee
Acquisition and Improvement Loans
Under this loan program, funds are provided for the purchase and/or improvement of existing commercial properties. Interim credit is available to fund the acquisition and rehab or remodeling of your structure, with low-cost permanent financing available once the job is completed.

Construction & Permanent Financing Loans
Our construction loans are customarily funded in several phases. The first covers the purchase of land and site preparation. The second provides interim financing from the time of groundbreaking until the structure is completed and ready for occupancy, with draws or advances provided at various intervals as construction progresses. Our seasoned loan professionals are experienced in working with architects, general contractors and subcontractors to keep your project on track and your cost of borrowing within your budget. Longer-term permanent financing is also available once your project is completed.

Development Financing
Whether you're considering an industrial structure, a retail strip mall, or a multi-lot residential project, our loan team has the experience and local-market savvy to help you succeed in turning an undeveloped site into a successful project. Loan terms are customized based on the intended use of the land involved, and pricing varies depending on the considerations such as the financial strength of the borrower, the loan-to-value ratio of the transaction, and the inherent risk of the project. In the case of residential developments, we can also provide additional help in the form of construction and permanent financing to end buyers through our Residential Mortgage Lending Department as your project is built out.

Investment Property Loans
Affordable, long-term financing is available for the purchase or refinancing of commercial, single-family and multifamily residential properties held for investment purposes. Single-site and blanket mortgages are available. Terms, conditions and pricing of loans will vary based on the type and condition of property, the amount of equity or down-payment, projected cash flows and occupancy rates, and the degree of property management experience involved.
In some lending situations, a property or a prospective borrower has unique characteristics that facilitate the use of special financing programs, incentives and subsidies. Our commercial lending personnel are experienced in helping clients avail themselves of these programs, and have worked closely with the following:

  • SBA Express  and 7(a) Programs
  • Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Programs
  • Farm Service Agency (FSA) Financing Programs
  • IRS 1031 Exchange Trusts

For further information, please contact one of our Commercial Banking officers.

Inventory Financing
In many lines of business, having adequate inventory on hand is a key to success. We can help by putting together a financing plan and overall credit facility that's secured by your firm's inventory. An integral element is often a variable rate, revolving line of credit with the ability to accommodate advances and pay-downs as frequently as daily, if needed.

Dealer Floorplanning
A specialized version of Inventory Financing (see above), we can work with dealers and single or multiple manufacturer/suppliers to floorplan their retail inventory. The emphasis of this program is on automobiles, RVs and larger-ticket consumer durables. An added advantage to dealers is our ability of our Consumer Lending Division to provide end financing to their customers.

Machinery & Equipment Financing
An investment in new equipment and technology can help many businesses to grow, expand, and provide better service to their customers. Although terms vary based on a borrower's unique needs, typical financing would involve a variable interest rate and a periodic payment schedule that would retire the debt within a period no longer than the depreciable economic life of the machinery or equipment that's being acquired.
Often, businesses are faced with special circumstances where it is necessary to finance accounts receivable and inventory. At Central State Bank, we are able to provide customized terms to meet your needs.
When it comes to dealer financing --- especially autos --- we're a seasoned hand. Our track record involves a number of longstanding relationships with area auto dealers, plus over 30 years of buying power as the sole eastern Iowa agent for a major nationwide insurance company. If you're looking for a reliable, local source of indirect financing for your dealership, let us know. We'll put together a package you're sure to like!
As an SBA-approved lender, we're here to help businesses with a wide variety of loans guaranteed and underwritten by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Funds are available for the start-up of new businesses and the acquisition/refinancing of existing enterprises. For further information on SBA loans, as well as a wide variety of other resources for businesses, we recommend that you visit the Small Business Administration's website at