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Mortgage Loans

If you’re like most folks, buying or refinancing a home is probably the largest financial transaction you’ll undertake in your lifetime. That’s why it’s vitally important to have the skills of an experienced lender on your side. Ask any Realtor in the greater Muscatine and Wilton area, and you’ll find that Central State Bank is one of the most trusted names in the mortgage lending business. You’ll find a wide range of financing options, competitive interest rates, and most important of all, great service! We’re unique in the area in the respect that we offer both an In-Bank Mortgage Center and an Online Mortgage Center.   Both are outstanding --- and the choice is yours!

In-Bank Mortgage Center

Our In-Bank Mortgage Center, located at our Main Bank in downtown Muscatine, is a full-service operation that’s second to none. You’ll enjoy access to a full range of home loan products including fixed rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), bridge and construction loans, first-time homebuyer programs, and pre-approvals. More important, you can count on personal, one-on-one service. You’ll come away with a good understanding of the lending process, and you’ll benefit by having a loan that’s perfect fit with your needs and your budget.      

To contact one of our lenders, to learn more, or get started now, click here and select the dropdown menu option for “Mortgage Loans.”   Whether you’re building, buying or refinancing, we’d love the opportunity to help you!

Online Mortgage Center

If you're buying or refinancing a home, or thinking about a home equity loan or credit line, we have an entire section of our website that's devoted to helping you. Called the "Mortgage Center," it's easily distinguishable from the rest of our site by the bold, large heading at the top of each page. It has a wide variety of features. For example, you can:

  • Learn more about our most popular home mortgage and home equity products
  • Get estimated monthly payments
  • Check out current interest rates
  • Sign up for “Rate Watch,” a free, unique e-mail rate monitoring service
  • Find links to local Realtors (a great feature if you’re moving to our area!)
  • Apply for your loan online --- and often times get approved in minutes!

Our Online Loan Application process is especially robust. It's also unique to the greater Muscatine and Wilton area. It provides you with the ability to apply in a safe, reliable environment with state-of-the-art security measures designed to provide you with the utmost in protection for sensitive, personal data.

Most applications can be completed in a single session. You can also get started, then return later to pick up where you left off using a special password and security code that's selected and known only by you. (It's a great feature if you find you need to gather additional information.) Either way, odds are good that your application will be approved online in a matter of minutes --- rather than days or weeks!

Of course, there are convenient links for contacting one of our loan officers if the need arises for additional information or personal assistance. And if you prefer, you can always get your app started online, then finish it up face-to-face with one of our lenders.

For complete details, visit our Mortgage Center now. It's just a click away --- and it's one more reason why we're the area's mortgage lending leader!