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Additional Services

The special banking services most frequently requested by our customers are listed below. For your convenience, they're presented in alphabetical order.

Lost your statement? Misplaced your check register? An itemized account activity printout can get you back on track in a hurry. It's available at any of our banking centers for a nominal fee of just $3 each.  You can also obtain the same information for free using our online banking service.
Ask any attorney --- when you're dealing with an estate, lawsuit or other legal matter, there's no substitute for accurate, thorough documentation. We provide research work promptly and efficiently to support these and similar needs. There's a fee of $25 per hour with a $15 minimum charge. Turnaround time will vary based on the depth of research required and the age of records involved. For further information, contact the Main Bank at (563) 263-3131 and ask for our Deposit Services Department.
Lose or break your account access card? ATM cards can be replaced on the spot, and debit cards can be reordered on short notice. Our standard Replacement Card Fee is $15. Contact any of our banking locations for assistance.
Copies of cancelled checks can be obtained at no charge through our Online Banking service. Log in, access “Account History” and links will appear for those checks where images are available. Click on the link and a printable image of the check will appear. Cancelled check copies are also available by contacting the bank. The first five per month are provided free of charge; additional items are $1 each. To process your request, we'll need your account number, check number(s) and amount(s), and the approximate date the item(s) cleared your account. In most cases, turnaround time is usually less than a week. Important Note: With the growing use of electronic clearing of items in the nation’s funds clearings systems, cancelled check images are being made available far less frequently to financial institutions and their customers than in the past. We may not be able to provide you with copies of specific cancelled checks. We expect this trend to continue.
Sometimes businesses and individuals insist on payment in the form of a Cashier's Check. This is simply a check that's issued by Central State Bank, drawn on our own account, and payable to any individual or business you choose. Available at any of our banking centers, Cashier's Checks must be paid for in cash or via valid collected funds transferred from one of your accounts with us. The fee is $5 per check.
Check cashing services are available to our customers for items drawn on institutions other than Central State Bank. There's no charge for customers, and verification or the presence of sufficient collected funds in a Central State Bank account may be required.
We're proud to offer the services of Deluxe® Check Printers to our accountholders. You can choose from a wide variety of check designs, styles and colors. The cost varies depending on the type and quantity you select, and it's automatically deducted from your account for your convenience. Stop by any banking location to review the complete selection and to place an order. Temporary "emergency" checks are also available for a fee of $2 for a quantity of five. Contact any banking center for details.
Is your piggy bank or change jar full? Bring it into the bank and we'll be happy to run it through our coin-counting machine. This service is provided to our customers free of charge. For non-customers, the charge is 10% of the amount counted, with a minimum fee of $5.
Collection services are available for selected types of items, including:

Canadian Checks: $25 each

Personal, Business and Interbank Items: $25 each

Garnishments and Levies: $50 each

For further information, contact the Main Bank at (563) 263-3131 and ask for our Deposit Services Department.
Government checks, most types of payroll checks, even the interest from your CDs can be automatically deposited to your checking or savings account at no charge. Each Direct Deposit is individually listed by date, issuer and amount on your account statement. This service saves money, saves time, and protects you from the possibility of loss and delay that's associated with receiving payments in the mail. Direct Deposit is available free of charge on all checking and savings plans. Contact any of our banking locations for details.
We are able to arrange with various correspondent banks to handle the conversion of most foreign currencies to U.S. Dollars on behalf of our customers. The fee is $20 plus the correspondent bank’s fee. Contact any of our banking centers for details.

Non-reloadable VISA® Gift Cards are a great idea for just about every gift-giving occasion. Offered in several denominations, they’re available at all of our banking locations. The issuance fee is $3.95 each.

Money Orders are second only to cash and Cashier's Checks as a recognized means of valid payment. They're available at all of our banking locations for an issuance fee of just $3 each.

For your convenience in witnessing signatures on important documents, one or more employees with Notary Public powers are usually on hand at each of our banking locations. Notary services are provided free of charge to our customers.

This convenient service provides protection from overdrafts by automatically transferring funds from a designated “backup” account to checking. Your signature on a simple authorization form is all that's required to put it in place. Transfers are $5 each and automatically deducted from your account. Contact any of our banking centers for details or to enroll.

Protect important documents, photographs and other valuable items by storing them in a safe deposit box. Leases are available on an annual basis. The cost varies based on the size of box, and ranges from less than $10 for a small box to $100 per year for the largest sizes. Fees can be billed directly or for your convenience, automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. Safe deposit boxes are offered at all of our banking locations, are subject to availability, and are offered only to deposit customers of the bank.

Copies of recent statements for your checking, savings and money market deposit accounts can be accessed free of charge through Online Banking. Click on the “Additional Services” tab and then “Statements” to view, access and print them for any account tied to your Online Banking profile. Statements can also be obtained upon request by contacting any banking center and placing an order. The fee is $3 each.

Our Stop Payment service enables you to halt the payment of just about any check you've written or electronic transfer you've authorized which has not yet cleared your account. Temporary orders for a single item or range of items may be placed over the phone. Your signature on a Stop Payment Authorization form will also be required. Date, exact amount, check number and payee information will be necessary to process your order. It can be placed through any of our banking locations or by calling the Deposit Services Department at our Main Bank at (563) 263-3131, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST Monday through Friday. The cost is $30 per item. Stop Payment Orders may also be placed through our Online Banking system, and are subject to a fee of $30 which is immediately assessed to your account.

VISA® Travel Cards have replaced traveler’s checks as a more convenient and readily-accepted means of payment. Our cards are “reloadable” --- funds can be added to the balance so they can be used multiple times. Issuance and initial card-loading fee is $7 per card. The reloading fee is $3 per card. Cards are available at all of our banking locations.

As a member of the Federal Reserve System, we're able to handle wire transfers on your behalf through the safe, secure FedWire system. It's a great way to transfer funds across the country or around the world on very short notice. Fees are based on the type of transfer and banking relationship:

  • Incoming Transfers (Customers and Non-Customers): $10 each
  • Outgoing Transfers (Customers): $20 each
  • Outgoing Transfers (Non-Customers): $35 each
  • Foreign Transfers (Customers and Non-Customers) : $50 each

Some restrictions apply. For further information or to place an order, contact any of our banking centers or the Wire Transfer Department at our Main Bank at (563) 263-3131.