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Kid's Clubs

Part of our responsibility as a community banking leader is to help foster good savings habits on the part of our citizens of tomorrow. We’ve developed two special clubs --- the Mini-Millionaires Club and the Teen Banking Club --- with this goal in mind.

A child is never too young to begin learning about money --- what it is, how it works, and the difference between saving and spending. The Mini-Millionaires Club can help. Key features and benefits include:

  • Open to children through age 12.
  • Enrollment by a parent or guardian is required.
  • A "welcome" gift bag is presented upon enrollment
  • A savings account (usually a UTMA Savings or Student Savings account) is required. Many parents use it in conjunction with regular trips to the bank to show how to make deposits and withdrawals, and to demonstrate how to keep track of “money in the bank” by using the account register. Our bankers are always glad to help, and small “prizes” are given whenever youngsters make a deposit.
  • “Money Clips,” a colorful newsletter developed especially for younger readers, is issued quarterly. Kids are thrilled to get something in the mailbox that’s personally addressed to them, and parents have found that it’s a great starting point for conversations about money and savings.
  • The annual “Mini Millionaires” party, traditionally a pool party that’s held at the Muscatine aquatic center.
  • When Mini-Millionaire members reach age 13, they automatically “graduate” into our Teen Banking Club.
As children become young adults, they become more sophisticated about savings and money. If they receive an allowance, the amount usually increases as they take on responsibility for some of their personal expenses. Perhaps a job or an automobile comes into the picture. Our Teen Banking Club takes these factors into account. Far less structured than the Mini-Millionaires Club, it moves them into adult-level banking services and includes these key features:

  • Open to kids age 13 through 18
  • A savings account relationship is required
  • A punch card is provided upon enrollment; fill it by making qualifying deposits to earn $20 Visa gift card
  • A “good grades” cash bonus is available for achievement in school
  • Membership automatically ends at age 19.
Renee Sloan is the director of both of our Kids Banking clubs. For more information or to enroll, contact her by clicking on the “Get Started Now” box on this page. Or if you prefer, you can call or visit any of our banking locations. We’ll be happy to assist you!