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Frequently Asked Questions

{slide=Can I get a debit card and what are the charges?} A:  SHAZAMChek® debit cards are available with all of our checking plans.  There is no annual fee for the card and we do not charge an ATM usage fee when you use it at a Central State Bank ATM, although other banks may assess a fee if you use their ATMs. We are also part of the SHAZAM® Privileged Status network so you can use your card without incurring an ATM usage fee at any automated teller machine that’s part of the network. 

{slide=Can I receive my bank statement electronically?} A:  Yes, electronic statements (e-statements) are available free of charge.  In fact, we encourage their use because they’re faster, safer and more environmentally sound than paper statements.  Online Banking (also a free service) is required in order to sign up for e-statements.

{slide=How can I find out if a check has cleared?} A:  The quickest and easiest way is through Online Banking.  You can also handle a wide variety of other transactions:  look at current balances, review account history, transfer funds between accounts, make loan payments, pay bills and more.  Best of all, it’s FREE!

{slide=How can I sign up for Online Banking?} A:  It’s easy to sign up --- in fact, you can get started right now by visiting our registration page.  

{slide=How do I sign up for Mobile Banking?} A:  We offer three types of mobile banking:  text, web and app --- all three are free*.  Enrollment in online banking (also a free service) is a prerequisite.  Mobile Text:  To enroll, log into online banking, go to the “Mobile Banking” page and follow the simple instructions.  Within a few minutes we’ll send a text message to your mobile device with your activation code.  Use it to complete the enrollment process.   Mobile Web:  Simply access the “lite” version of our online banking website, designed specifically for most web-enabled devices.  Mobile App:  Download the free app for Android™ iPhone,® iPad® and iPod Touch® devices. It’s called “Central State Bank” in the Android Market and “Central State Mobile Banking” in the iTunes® Store.   (Note:  Set up the following disclaimer in smaller type with tighter leading).
*Message and data charges from your wireless provider may apply.  Please note that all services listed herein may not be available and/or functional on all types of BlackBerry® devices.  Android™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc. iPhone,® iPad,® iPod Touch,® and iTunes® are registered trademarks of Apple® Inc.  BlackBerry® is a registered trademark of Research in Motion® Limited (RIM®).

{slide=How do I place a stop payment on an item?} A:  Through Online Banking, by visiting any of our banking locations, or by contacting our Deposit Services
Department at (563) 263-3136 during regular banking hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST Monday through Friday). 

{slide=How do I reorder checks?} A:  We recommend that you reorder checks by contacting any of our banking centers.  This will help ensure that you receive the appropriate discount if you have an Ambassador Club checking account or one of our special packaged checking products.  Set up banking locations text link to lead to our Locations and Hours page.

{slide=How do I transfer funds between accounts?} A:  Through Online Banking or Mobile Banking (both available 24/7) or by visiting any of our banking locations during normal banking hours.Set up banking locations text link to lead to our Locations and Hours page.

{slide=If I have a checking account and a loan can I make an automatic loan payment?} A:  Yes. You can set it up yourself through Online Banking or the bank can set it up for you.  Please contact any of our banking centers if you need assistance.
Set up banking locations text link to lead to our Locations and Hours page.

{slide=What does it take to open a checking or savings account?} A:  In general, we require a valid photo identification from a recognized governmental source (for example, a state-issued driver’s license or a U.S. Passport), your Social Security number, and the minimum deposit amount applicable to the type of account you wish to open (typically $50).  We also require that an adult (parent or legal guardian) be named as a joint accountholder if an account is being opened by or on behalf of a minor.

{slide=What is the daily limit for a debit card?}  A:  In general, unless requested otherwise, a standard daily limit is assigned at the time a debit card is issued.  It includes a separate limit for ATM transactions, point-of-sale (POS) transactions, and overall (combined ATM/POS) transactions.  For security purposes, we ask that you contact the bank for details.  We also have the ability to adjust  standard limits upon request to accommodate special circumstances.  Please contact us for further information.{/slides}